• I want to contact you on skype, what is your username?

    I just paid, how long does it take to recieve my account?

    • Paypal is nearly instant delivery if not a few mins.

    • Bitcoin After 1 Confirmation from the network u will recieve email delivery.

    • If you do not recieve delivery after 1 Confirmation contact us on skype.

    My account is not working anymore what now?

    • Replacement on products with warranty will only be given on skype, if you buy an product with warranty also keep in mind you will need to add us on skype!

    How can I pay with other methods?

    • You can pay automatic with Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and other altcoins.

    All support on skype will be handled nearly instant if we are online at the moment u need help, if offline gaurenteed withing 24 hours.